Vin Garbutt

I’ve just learned the English folk singer, Vin Garbutt, passed away this morning.
I first saw Vin play at the Sidmouth folk festival in 1998, I was spellbound by his performance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any performer quite like Vin. I would describe his shows as a rollercoaster of emotion because one minute he had you crying in your heart with emotion and the next minute crying your eyes out with laughter. He was as much a comedian as a folk singer and how he never made it as a national comedy star I’ll never know. Even these days I wondered why the BBC didn’t get him on to one of the mainstream chat programs like Graham Norton. He’d be far more entertaining than the bland celebrities who frequent that show.

It was Vin’s rendition of the song Wings that inspired me to try it and it’s been on my mind to tackle some of Vin’s other songs. In fact, I was only thinking about an idea a few days ago that would have potentially had me interviewing Vin.

I do follow Vin’s facebook page so I have been aware of his ill health but like all his followers, I’ve been hoping he would be back to fitness soon and I would once again get the chance to see him play the next time he’s in the area.
I actually had one of his songs going round and round my head a couple of days ago and it lasted a few days. That’s quite unusual and I can’t help thinking it was a sign. He has been unusually on my mind a lot lately.

But what a life. His career took him up and down the country for decades and even to Australia many times. And it’s clear from a recent photo he posted he was very much a family man too. If ever the word troubadour could be used it surely describes Vin so perfectly. And like all good lives well lived, he leaves the world all the more richer for having been in it. Rest in peace Vin Garbutt, you were fucking awesome!

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