The trouble with writing songs is I find it very hard to ever finish anything. As I’ve got older my standards filter has reached the point where nothing that I do is ever good enough.
Yesterday I came up with a great Blues Guitar part and a verse melody but whatever I sang sounded shit to me and I didn’t bother developing it. I have hundreds of ideas from over the years and they seem to be on tap to me but what is the point if I cannot turn them into a completed song? This has frustrated me for longer than I can remember.
When I first started playing the Guitar I was fascinated at being able to work out a song’s chord structure and learn the lyrics and play the thing. My ego soon took over and said you should write your own songs just like your heroes. With age comes wisdom and I know I’ll never be able to churn out songs to the standard of the songwriters I admire so recently I decided to turn my attention to just enjoying playing.

Beeswing is a song I’ve always loved. I’d actually never heard Richard Thompson’s original until after I had recorded my version. I started trying the song out and decided that it felt right. I tried to mould it into my own style and I performed it several times this summer. It’s been quite amazing because it’s gone down well enough and I’ve enjoyed playing it which was the point. I recorded the Guitar and Vocals as a live performance in favour of the sterile click track, overdubs method I normally would use. The recording isn’t anywhere near as good as my standards filter says it should be but feck it, it’s a start.
Huge thanks to Clare Sanders who provided the lovely Whistle and Accordion parts. Clare had never played Accordion before and I felt the song needed it. I had an old one in the loft so I went in search of it and presented it to Clare and said “plays this” and she did. So that is the story of Beeswing. I have a few other covers to come and I’ve already recorded the next one. Somehow I’m enjoying this, much more fun than trying to write songs that just don’t want to be written.