Nothing Ever Changes



Following on from my blog post about working with Jimmy Dunning I’m delighted to announce the first archive release ‘Nothing Ever Changes’.

When I started work on Jimmy’s archive in 2010 it became clear very early on that we had a lot of material on our hands. Jimmy’s Revox reel to reel tape recorder had gotten a lot of use! I’m honored to have it in my studio.
Once all the material had been transferred to digital and cataloged,  Jeannie Dunning and I started organsing it into potential projects. We ended up with 5 or 6 projects and I started the first project in early 2012. This has now become the ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ album.
The 15 tracks on this album came from over 30 tracks we selected for project 1 which originate from Jimmy’s early home demos dating from the early 1970’s we believe. These recordings were in some cases not the greatest quality from the archive and had minimal overdubs.

My working process was first to select around 20 tracks from the 30 or so assigned to project 1. I then set about fixing any issues with the recordings. This included noise reduction (tape hiss), fixing cracks, pops and distortion. In some cases I was able to remove background sounds. This was all done using izotope RX software. Not having used it before there was a learning curve but the results brought the best out of the material I was presented with.
There were a few tracks where a section might be missing or Jimmy may have stopped the recording halfway through only to continue, resulting in a gap. I’ve done my best to fix these issues and hopefully they’ll not be noticed.
Once all the audio restoration was done then came the task of forming the individual tracks into an album, setting levels, eq and mastering.

Artwork was handled by Jimmy’s daughter in law Diane, who also produced the artwork for Jimmy’s Try Me Buy Me album. She’s done another great job!

You can buy the album as a download via most download stores such as itunes and amazon. A CD version will be available soon at

Next year I hope to start working on project 2. This includes some of my favorite finds in the archive. The quality is slightly better with a few more overdubs.

Below is a track from the album called ‘It Could Have Been Beautiful’. In Christmas 2009 Jeannie sent me Jimmy’s Revox reel to reel tape machine along with a random tape so I could test the machine and get it ready for the two weeks we spent transferring everything in January.
At first I couldn’t get the machine to work and thought it might have to be returned to England for repair but after a bit of poking around I found the problem. I loaded up the tape that December night not knowing what was on there and this is what I heard. It was a beautiful moment, I’d never heard the song before and I really felt Jimmy was in the room with me. I think he was!


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Peter King. (formerly Tocher) (4 years ago)

Will write in more detail later as I lost the complete original message.
Lovely to hear Jimmy’s voice and misic again.
Love to Jennie.
Peter King – formerly know as Peter Tocher.

    paulburgess (4 years ago)

    Hi Peter, forgive me if I’m wrong but didn’t you do a bit of recording with Jimmy?
    Assuming I’m right, I found some stuff of you and Jimmy on the tapes. Can you tell me more about it and your involvement with Jimmy? Did you play anything on the tracks or just record it?

      Peter King. (formerly Tocher) (4 years ago)

      Hi Paul, I may know you either by sight or by Jimmy’s reference to you.
      Jimmy and I go back a long way. I knew him before his first daughter was born.
      I helped Jimmy build his extension and stayed in the house with Jennie and the kids for a couple of years. During that time Jimmy and I ran through his various songs etc, (and as a sort of outsider/critic), in the evening.
      I would only say there maybe a little background vocal from me but more like a little bit of Tamborine..
      I went with Jimmy to promote him for an audition at Brighton Centre – I think it was run by . . . oh shit . .forgotten, it was so long ago.
      It’s late for me right now and I’m a liittle bit “Plastered” right because of the surprise e-mail re: Jimmy.
      I’ll get back to you when I’ve found my brain again.
      Peter King. –
      (Most of Jimmy’s mates would know me as ‘Peter Tocher’ – {its Scottish and mispronounced so much I changed it to something simple})

        paulburgess (4 years ago)

        No worries Peter, you can email me if you prefer I did find some bits of you two testing levels and messing about which was amusing 😉 but I’m keen to know which of the tracks you were present on if you can remember.
        For some reason, I had you down as playing Bass?

          Peter King. (formerly Tocher) (4 years ago)

          Hi Paul, I’ll have to get back to you when I feel a bit better.  Not feeling too well at the moment, also PC playing up a bit. I’ll get back to you as soon as poss.   Cheers,  Pete.

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