Honky Music

Next in the series of archival releases of Jimmy Dunning’s music is the new album titled ‘Honky Music’.
Following on from the 2013 release of Nothing Ever Changes, this collection of material continues to draw from Jimmy’s home demos.

This album has been a little more challenging to make and the material presented a number of technical problems. I’ve had to be more aggressive than I would like with very surgical EQ using the brilliant Fabfilter software. I hope the result brings the best out of the many great songs and performances on this album. We have to remember that Jimmy never intended these recordings to be released in an album, or in many cases, be the only recorded example of the songs. It’s fallen to me to make the best of what we have and indeed, Jimmy’s home demos, despite the recording issues, capture his brilliance superbly.

I’ve also had to take some musical liberties too with this collection of material. Many of the songs on this album didn’t have endings or had missing parts. Making decisions to repeat a chorus or changing the ending isn’t something I really want to do but I trust that Jimmy would approve of most of my decisions. When we worked together on his Try Me Buy Me album, he always asked and valued my input so I have to believe he would do the same today and I like to think he is guiding me as I work on his legacy of music. These are small edits that I hope will not be noticed and had Jimmy been in a studio recording these songs today, all these matters would have been worked out long before the record button was pressed.

I feel this, and the previous album, offer a good representation of the earlier home recordings. There is at least another album worth of this sort of material which could possibly be a future project but I now feel it is time to move on to some of Jimmy’s more polished recordings, which were recorded in proper studios. So later this year I will start work on the 3rd achieve release.

Honky Music will be released May 2016.

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