E-commerce Book

Back last summer I decided to write a book about my experiences in Ireland and setting up a small E-commerce business.
I wanted to write for people interested in starting their own e-commerce site as well as for those who perhaps already had a small site and were interested to read about a fellow entrepreneur and maybe find an idea of mine to be helpful.

The title of the book is called E-commerce: Keep it real! By ‘keep it real’ I wanted to install that this was not another get rich quick book, it was very much focused in reality that this venture was about starting small and keeping your expectations to a minimum, or in my case, making some extra beer money. But ten years on my business is still going, although if I’m honest, I’m interested in finding a new challenge.
I wanted to put down my experience, my winning ideas and the mistakes I made along the way before I forgot them and before technology has moved on to make my advice irrelevant.
So I wrote the book and published it on Kindle back in March. I’d love to tell you it’s been a huge success and my writing career is now taking off but that would be bollocks.

Writing a book was the easy part but making it available on Amazon is rather like planting yet another tree in the Amazon¬†jungle, it’s hardly going to be noticed. Still, I very much enjoyed the process of writing it and it’s something I’d like to do more of, even if it’s only for my own pleasure. Books it seems are no different from music in terms of actually making a living out of it but then if that was the aim we’d never bother! Ah, the joys of art!

But as someone who has some experience, I’m always keen to help others, especially those just starting out in¬†ecommerce. I’m available for consultations so get in contact if that’s something you’d be interested in.

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