150 Job Applications

I had my first job aged 12, washing up in a pub kitchen. I worked 3 hours on a Saturday and 3 hours on a Sunday. I was paid £1.50 an hour.
I had that job on and off up until I was 18 and then I worked in a garden centre for a few years before doing a stint stacking shelves in a supermarket on a nightshift. Then I was gigging with my band, doing odd jobs for people, be it websites or recording. And for the last 10 years, I’ve been running my own e-commerce business. So basically, the last ‘proper’ job I had was stacking shelves. It was shit!

Last year, I moved back home to Sussex and I decided I wanted to join the rat race. Get me a ‘proper job’, give my all to another organisation, get a mortgage and so on. You would think running your own business for 10 years would count for something wouldn’t you. You would think it shows experience, stamina, reliability and consistency. Well, 150 job applications later I can report it means fuck all.

After applying for reasonable salary jobs (apparently the average UK salary is now 27k), well, I was looking for less but getting nowhere, I then decided a minimum wage office job would be a start. ‘You don’t have much experience do you’ said the agency girl who is probably 20 years younger than me. ‘Excuse me?’ Ten fucking years running my own business, dealing with suppliers, customers, accounts, profit and loss, Vat, etc. ‘Sure, I have fuck all experience’.

For 4 or 5 months I would wake up every day to rejection emails. ‘Thank you for your recent application, Mr Burgess. Unfortunately, on this occasion, you have not been successful’.
Let me translate that for you….. ‘Thank you for your recent application, Mr Burgess. Unfortunately, we’re too fucking dumb to recognise what an asset you would be because we’re either intimidated by the fact that you have worked for yourself which we either find threatening or cannot grasp the concept that you could actually work for someone else and take orders or you do not have a degree. Regardless of experience and track record, we prefer degrees because as management, we all had to go to university and we’re fucked if we’re going to give the position to someone who decided to walk a different path’.

This sadly is the reality now. Experience and track record count for nothing if you don’t have the qualification. It’s utter bollocks.
I’ve given up looking for a job. It was so demoralising. I realise I must continue, as I have always done, to walk my own path. To rely on my own creativity and ideas. It’s actually a shame because I would make a great employee for the right company or boss. I like serving, I like to please and I’m honest and loyal. But I’m not putting myself through this shitty system anymore. I’ve said it before, I would prefer my nurse to have compassion than a fucking degree.

As you can tell, I’m actually quite angry because the academicisation (I made that word up because it’s needed) of the workplace is ridding so much talent and gifted people from ever having a place in the world and contributing. The whole system is totally wrong.
So many people I have come across with their degrees and masters are thick as shit. Sure they have great memory recall but when it comes to common sense, when it comes to being creative, thinking for themselves, they’re fucking useless. I’m not knocking anyone with a degree, fair play to them for gaining that, but it is no marker for intelligence and worth yet our society is now totally biased towards this system. I profoundly disagree with that.

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